Calendar of exhibits and events

January – February – March / 2018
Coordination : AC

The opening and presentation of scheduled exhibitions and performances are subject to last minute changes. We recommend our respectable audience to please get confirmation, whenever possible, prior to attending any of the cultural spaces available in the program.

Presentation of the book about the work of the painter Vicente Hernandez written by Nelson Herrera Ysla and published by Sello slg.
Date: January 19, 5.00 pm. (Backyard of National Council of Visual Arts premises)
Calle 3ra. No. 1205 e/ 12 y 14. Playa).

Presentation of the Book-Catalog Adislen Reyes. Works 2005-2017, produced by Collage Editions. The book-catalog includes texts of renowned art critics Sandra Sosa and David Mateo.
Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba (UNEAC) – National Association of Cuban Writers and Artists (NACWA) Introductory words by Lesbia Vent Dumois.
Date: February 27, 4:00 pm.

Presentation of book-catalog Pintura y Performance Manuel Lopez Oliva (Painting and Performance, Manuel Lopéz Oliva), published by Collage Printing House. Illustrations come accompanied by reviews of Cuban and foreign art experts about the work of the renowned artist.
Date: February 28, 4.00 pm. National Museum of Fine Arts, Cuban Art Building.
To be introduced by Jorge Fernandez.

Cuban Art: twenty years later. Panel for Reflection and Debate as part of the the Artecubano Editorial brand in the Book Festival. In addition it will be possible to find their productions and enjoy their programmed activities in the stand shared with the Letras Cubanas Publishing House.
Date: February 9, 10.00 am. (San Carlos de la Cabana Fortress)


San Ignacio y Empedrado. Plaza de La Catedral. Old Havana
Phone Nr: (+53) 7 864 6282

Raúl Martínez, Alegreto Cantabile. Personal Sample to mark the 90th birthday anniversary of the artist. It will be running all through the month of January given the interest shown by the audience.

Conversatorio en la cama (Conversation on the bed). Sample of the 2017 National Creation Grant Award winner Mauricio Abad, a young artist who works with video-installation, mapping and the new ITs.
Date: February 2, 5.00 pm. (Upper floor and backyard)

Going Away Closer. Collective exhibition that features the work pieces of a variety of young Japanese artists who stand out in the present Japanese artistic context. In this exchange the pieces of several Cuban artists are included and these will be later displayed in Tokyo. Installations, videos, paintings and drawings will be appreciated in this exhibition. The young artists are Takairo Iwasaki, Natsunasuke Mise, Futoshi Miyagi, Atsuko Mochida, Yuko Mohri, Tadasu Takamine, Kazutimo Tashiro, Glenda León, Leandro Feal, Reynier Leyva Novo and José Manuel Mesías.
Opening Day: March 9, 6:00 pm (Upper Floor)


San Ignacio # 352. Plaza Vieja. Old Havana
Ph Nr.. (+53) 7 862 2611 – Switchboard

VII Salon of Cuban Contemporary Art, Exhibition drill “A Collaborative Rehearsal”. This is an exhibition-like meeting consisting of over 40 projects plus a number of interventions, conferences and workshops of and about the national artistic production in correlation with plurality and relationships in the benefit of the creative act up to January, 2018.

Some remarks on alcohol Intake in Cuba.
Alex Hernández and Ariamna Contino. (NCDVA).
Starting on 9 January

Invaluable. Exhibition by Nelson Jalil and Juan Pablo Estrada. Presentation of the catalog and intervention. (NCDVA).
Opening Day: January 11.

Presentation of the Villa Clara Artistic Project Dentro del juego (Inside the Game)..
Date: January 6, 2:30 pm.

Meeting with José A. Toirac on the sample to honor Hans Haacke (1989) of the ABTV group.
Date: January 16, 4:00 pm.

Talking about Contemporary Art: Analysis of the curatorial project of the VII Salon of Contemporary Art with Dr. Magaly Espinosa.
Date: January 18, 3:00 pm.

Presentation of the book “Trenes van y trenes vienen” (Incoming and Outgoing Trains) by Román Gutiérrez and Léster Álvarez.
Date: January 19, 4:00 pm.

Presentation of the Catalog of the Invaluable Collection. Juan Pablo Estrada and Nelson Jalil.
Date: January 19, 4:00 pm.

Sporá. Dania González. Workshop on Permaculture. (Entry of Dania González’s piece)
Date: January 19, 4:00 pm.

Bi-personal sample of Gretel Rasúa and Harold García. This is connected to a joint project that will feature a phase of the work that both artists have been engaged in over the last two years.
Date: February 8, 5:00 pm.

Estudio 21 Grant winning project. Exhibition resulting from the conferment of such grant by the NCDVA every year to young Cuban artists.
Date: February 8, 5:00 pm.

(Scheduled activities can undergo date and time changes)

Contemporary Illustrators Collective Sample Show. The sample features the Overview of Illustration in Cuba. Painters and designers. Drawings, Designs and Graphic Work.
Opening Day: March 22, 5:00 pm.

Collective Sample show featured by ISA’s (Higher Institute of Art) students organized workshops. This is part of the systematic work of the NCDVA and the University of the Arts in which these creation workshops are organized on a yearly basis with 2nd and 3rd year ISA students. All manifestations of Art can be appreciated.


Mercaderes # 307. Plaza Vieja. Old Havana
Phone Nr.. (+53) 7 862 2530

Transverse Materialism. Photography and Videos of the Austrian artist Clemens Kraus. Curatorial work of Teresa de Arruda.
Date: January 9, 6:00 pm. (Marucha Hall)

Anatomy of a Rose. Personal Exhibition of Sancti Spiritus photographer Lisandra López Sotuyo. The sample covers several snapshots and three low scale sculptures that touch upon topics like physical health, pain, diseases, suffering and healing of the body. Photos of clinical and surgical objects, wool threads transformed into heartbeats, perfume bottles and lipsticks sharing time and space with syringes, surgical tape and medicine capsules, close relationships with therapeutic substances, migraine episodes that go through the skin to end up turning the skull into a barbed wire sphere, women with self fertilizing powers who can even give birth to themselves… All of this is a genealogical cosmos between body and discomfort, health and death that turn Lisandra Lopez Sotuyo into a one-of-its-kind character within the present Cuban artistic context.
Curatorial work: Maikel J. Rodríguez Calviño.
Opening Day: February 16, 6:00 pm. (Joaquín Blez Hall)

Collective exhibition with a wide range of photographs of different generations of artists dealing with animals.
Opening Day: February 16, 6:00 pm. (Marucha Hall)

When my neighbor roars. Twenty-three photographers integrate the exhibition which approaches animals, their symbolism and their signification in different cultures and in our daily life. Works to be displayed bear the authorship of Alejandro Alfonso, Alfredo Sarabia, Arieng Chang, Arnaldo Labrada, Constantino Arias, Daniel Chávez, Eddy Garaicoa, Eduardo Muñoz Ordoqui, Humberto Mayol, Joaquín Blez, José Alberto Figueroa, José Julián Martí, José Manuel Acosta, Juan Carlos Alom, Leonor Menes, Leysis Quesada, Mario Díaz, Moisés Hernández, Pedro Abascal, Pilar Rubí, Raúl Cañibano, René Peña, Tito Álvarez.
Opening Day: February 16, 6:00 pm

Emergency Exits. Personal Exhibition of Laura Diaz Milan, 2015 Annual Creation Fellowship Award winner.
Opening Day: March 23, 6:00 pm. (Marucha Hall)

Personal Sample Show of German photographer Jürgen Angelow.
Opening Day: March 23, 6:00 pm. (Pepe Agraz Hall)


Línea # 460 entre E y F. Vedado
Phone Nr: (+53) 7 831 4646

Deriva (Adrift). Personal Sample by Ariamna Contino which integrates several techniques and manifestations frequently used by the artist.
It will run on all over January and part of February.

Personal Sample show of the artist Felipe Dulzaides.
Opening Day: March 2, 6:00 pm.


Luz y Oficios. Old Havana

Compendium. Production of photographer Joel Mayor made with a minimalism-style sensitivity which captures the visual and spatial universe of the city by “freezing” in images elements that may turn out to appear paradoxical, ironic and poetic.
Date: January 9, 5:00 pm. (Barreto Hall)

El caos contenido (Chaos contained in within). Paintings by Arturo Wong. The artist proposes an introspective glance to the self being in itself and to the way in which nature expresses itself by interweaving scientific studies and literature related to the Theory of Chaos and its awakening following the quantum vision to end up creating a network of forms, schemes and colors that co-exist harmoniously.
Date: January 9, 5:00 pm. (Sala Polivalente – Sports Arena Hall)

Esta es Ágata (This is Agatha). Work pieces by Denise Bárbara Domínguez based on illustration and after a main character, their relatives, friends and their pet to eventually give rise to a number of situations that invite to reflection about the most important thing for human beings and their spiritual growth.
Date: January 9, 5:00 pm. (Alternative Hall)

VIP. Exhibition by artist Vladimir González.
Date: February 13, 5:00 pm. (Barreto Hall)

MEGAPIXEL. Exhibition of artist Yorlandi González.
Date: February 13, 5:00 pm. (Alternative Hall)

Memorias desde el eco (Memoirs from Echo). Painting exhibition by Agustín Bejarano to honor the late outstanding art critic Rufo Caballero.
Opening Day: March 13, 5:00 pm. (Sala Barreto)

Omiaina. The sample consists of the work of six African descendant artists who show their reality based on their experiences, their dreams and aspirations by recreating them in different manners such as poetry, music, engraving and photography.
Opening Day: March 13, 5:00 pm. (Alternative Hall)

Rostros ocultos (Hidden Faces). Drawings and paintings by Michel Milián and Ricardo Drago. In this bi-personal sample the artists propose the image of the clown as a pretext to reflect the diverse and controversial moods of human beings.
Opening Day: March 13, 5:00 pm. (Polivalente Hall )


Biblioteca Nacional (National Library)José Martí. Boyeros y 20 de mayo.

Vivido (Vivid). Paintings by David Beltrán. Four series that record the essence of feeling and color as a result of experience.
Opening Day: March 17, 5:00 pm.


Galiano # 256 e/ Concordia y Neptuno. Centro Habana
Phone Nr. (+53) 7 860 0224 /

Posado sobre la noche (Perched upon the Night). Personal exhibition of the artist Maikel Sotomayor. I am interested in the transformation that may exist in the landscape as a process during a portion of time in which we are not center stage or we are not there to see whatever happens. The dark element has always called my attention as a space where change is concealed, and I am interested in it as an existential metaphor in any other space. Everything that is brewed in the darkness may be the first of what we will see in the light. To me the moons have played a key role in this line. When we speak about the night, even about a very dark night, the reflection of the moon is the only thing that illuminates. I am seduced by that metaphor in which not everything is completely dark and at the same time that little light is capable of transforming and having an impact on the living being. (…) I believe the night to be a space, a location that lends itself for multiple reflections. – Michael Sotomayor, fragment of an interview conferred to David Mateo about this exhibition.
Opening Day: January 11, 6.00 pm.

Collective sample that brings together the Prize winning creators of the Post-it 4 Competition.
Date: February 22, 6:00 pm.


Boulevard de San Rafael e/ Consulado and Industria. Old Havana
Phone Nr: (+53) 7 861 0889

Somos (We are). Personal Exhibition of Photographer Roberto Chile.
Based on the representation of faces, symbols, rituals and offerings perfectly captured by the perspicacious and timely look of the artist, the mystics and charm of a context that is banned to many becomes disclosed. This is exhibited here and now as would be in an expert Photography dissertation. At the same time – in what amounts to be one of the chief contributions of this sample- Chile gets us to lean over and see that imaginary burden with which the slaves were brought over to the island; memoirs, dances, chants, languages, ceremonies which, while interacting among them and with the dominant culture, gave rise to the so called religious expressions of African origin. Quoting Rafael Acosta de Arriba’s words to the catalog, “All the religious syncretism that these images reflect stem from the strength and relevance contained in the subjects that feature in them and which were masterfully recorded by his expert eye”.

Somos (We are), dedicated to the memory of Enriquito de La Huz, will be open to public up to February 18 in the venue of the galley located at San Rafael, entre Consulado e Industria, Centro Habana, and people will be able to visit the place during the regular hours of the gallery.
Opening Day: January 18, 5:00 pm. – Running on up to February 18.

Cosmos. Personal exhibition of the artist Raúl Castro Camacho (Memo). Re-showing of the sample scheduled for last December and which could not be completed all along the planned time.
February 23, 6:00 pm.

Canon. Collective Sample with pieces produced by Adonis Flores, Reynerio Tamayo, Alex Hernández, Yahanara Mauri, Marlon Portales, Eduardo Abela, Rubén Alpizar, Yornel Martínez, The merger, Alain Cabrera, Lisandra Isabel Garcia, René Peña and René Francisco. The exhibition will display pieces that deal with the subject Art in the Art.
Opening Day: March 16, 6:00 pm


8 e/ 13 y 15. Vedado
Phone Nr: (+53) 7 835 0004

Había una vez… y mucho más (Once upon a Time … and much more). Personal Sample by visual artist José Ángel Toirac and his children.
Starting on January 26, 7:00 pm.

Collective sample with pieces of Frank Mujica and Marlon Portales, among other participating artists.
Opening Day: March 15, 6:00 pm.


7ma esq. a 18 # 1801. Miramar
Phone Nr: (+53) 7 204 7106

Ofrendas (Offerings). Personal exhibition by artist Silvia Rodriguez Rivero.
Running on up to February 4.

Secretos transparentes (Transparent Secrets). Exhibition by Donis Llago where, through his paintings with preponderance of silhouette and the line he sets out to show diverse seats of government of several countries conceived of in a series of medium and large scale format.
Date: February 9, 6:00 pm. The exhibition will be showing during the whole month of March.


23 y 10. Vedado
Phone Nr: (+53) 7 830 6150

En el umbral de la incertidumbre (In the threshold of Uncertainty). Photographs by Adrián Fernández.
Date: January 26, 7:00 pm. Showing until early March.

Cuba está de moda (Cuba is in fashion). Installation of the artist Mari Claudia García
Opening Day: March 8, 7:00 pm.



Do sostenido (C flat). Public Intervention of famed US artist David Hammons that will take place in Parque Trillo (Trillo Square) in the capital city neighborhood of Cayo Hueso. In this tour that starts at the corner of San Rafael and Aramburen, the artist proposes a walk of approximately 15 minutes duration in which the audience will become involved in the search and reflection of his minimalism-style proposal. The sample, curated by Aylet Ojeda, is the result of a negotiation between the artist and the NMFA that took over 4 years to capitalize and make it possible to invite the artist over to the island. The piece will have its own life and it will be possible to appreciate it any moment thereon for as long as the materials used for its making last.
Starting on January 16.


Trocadero y Zulueta. Old Havana
Phone Nr: (+53) 7863 9484

Palimpsesto. Personal Exhibition of José Manuel Fors, Visual Arts National Award 2016.
From December 22 on. The sample will remain all through February (Third Floor).

La mirada inédita; dibujo y gráfica de los años veinte y treinta (The unpublished look, drawing and graphics of the 20s and the 30s).
Showing up to February. (Temporary Hall Second Floor).

Personal Sample by outstanding Cuban artist Leandro Soto.
Opening Day: March 9, 4:00 pm. (Second Floor)

Exhibition to mark the 30th anniversary of Marcelo Pogolotti`s demise (1902-1988), one of the most representative artists and intellectuals of the XX century in Cuba.
Opening Day: March 16, 4:00 pm. (Third Floor))


San Rafael y Zulueta. Old Havana
Phone Nr: (+53) 7 866 4060

Boris Lurie en La Habana (Boris Lurie in Havana). Personal sample of the artist of Russian-origin and US nationalized from his youth Boris Lurie (Leningrad, 1944 – New York, 2008). He belongs to the artistic movement that he himself christened as No! Art in opposition to the American way of life characteristic in the 1950s. The exhibition organized by the Boris Lurie Art Foundation contains around 100 pieces both bi-dimensional and three dimensional where the intervened collages and photographs of the political life of that period stand out

El rostro inglés: El cambio en el retrato del siglo XVIII (The English Face: The change in the XVIII century portrait) Exhibition that gathers 18 pieces belonging to the NMFA collection, the most part of which have never been seen as they have been extracted from the vaults of the institution for this specific occasion.
From February 16 to April 30. (Temporary Hall, Fourth Floor)

Personal Sample by German painter Heinz Mack. Graduated in the 1950s from the Dusseldorf Fine Arts Academy, during the same period he obtained his major in Philosophy in Cologne. Along with Otto Piene he founded the ZERO group with a notable participation in the Documenta II from Kassel.
Opening Day: March 23, 4:00 pm. (Ground Floor)


Callejón del Chorro # 62. Plaza de la Catedral. Old Havana.
Phone Nr: (+53) 7 864 6013 y (+53) 7 862 0979

Metrópoli. Proposal by Yorlán Cabezas.
Opening Day: January 19, 4:00 pm. (Exhibition Hall)

Y el cuento no lo hago yo (And it isn’t me who tells the story). (Part II). A new proposal of pieces by the artist Edgar Echevarría complementing his most recent sample last November on the black wall of the Factory of Cuban Art.
Opening Day: February 23, 4:00 pm.

Gráfica femenina III (Female Graphics III). Collective sample.
Opening Day: March 15, 4:00 pm.


Calle Línea entre C y D. Vedado

Presencia (Presence). Collective Exhibition with both participants and winning competitors in the Photography contest to mark the 50 Anniversary of Che Guevara’s demise. .
Starting on January 10.


Calle 23 esq. N. Plaza de la Revolución.

Presente distante (Distant Present). Personal sample of young artist Leo de la O.
From January 17 to February 27.


H e/ 17 y 19. Vedado
Phone Nr: (+53) 7832 2391

Más allá de la belleza (Beyond Beauty). Exhibition by Grethel Rasúa.
Opening Day: January 26, 6:00 pm. Will run on to late February. (The gallery building is scheduled for restoration in March).


17 Esq. H. Vedado

Omar Kessel, xilografías y Litografías (Omar Kessel, xilographies and lithographies). Sample of artist and engraver Omar Kessel Nicolás.
Opening Day: February 13, 5:00 pm.


O’Relly 308 e/ Habana y Aguiar. Old Havana
Phone Nr: (+53) 7 864 9518, 7 861 0791 ext. 101 – 103

La ceiba me dijo tú (The Ceiba tree told me YOU). The sample will be structured in three content levels to insert itself in the architectural space of the gallery until eventually generating a very Cuban, globalized and informative fourth dimension under which the poetry and discourse of the three artists involved are articulated. Migration, agony, desires, pleasures, pains and the search for the roots will be among the possible ramifications in this tour through the Ceiba tree taken by the hand of Carlos Martiel, Elio Rodríguez (El macho) and Belkys Ayón. Curatorial work of Dr. Concha Fontenla.
Closing Day: February 28.


Malecón No.17 e/ Prado y Cárcel
Phone Nr.:: 7860 6282, 7860 6290 y 7860 6290

Colloquium: “Vive la lectura fácil” (“Easy reading is still alive”)
For the first time in Cuba, representatives of the Citizenship Foundation and from the Popular Universities of Extremadura introduce the program “Easy Reading is still Alive”, an initiative aimed at bringing literature closer to diverse audiences from the perspective of the different comprehension skills of readers.
Tuesday, January 23, from 11:00 am. to 12:30 pm.

ARS NARRANDI: A NEW SPACE DEDICATED TO (RE)-READING AND THE PROMOTION OF THE WORK OF CUBAN AUTHORS. Conducted by the outstanding interpreter, linguist and writer Rodolfo Alpízar Castillo and open to participation for any person interested in the subject, this first meeting will bring us close to the literary work of Rogelio Riverón, multi-awarded writer and current director of the Letras Cubanas Publishing House. One novelty of the meeting will be that of allowing the guest author to read only three pages of each one of the chosen texts for presentation. Whether novel or story, the purpose is to encourage the participation of the attending audience as well as the dialogue with the authors.

A space that is dedicated to the reading and promotion of the work of Cuban authors will be inaugurated on Friday.
Opening Day: February 23, 3:00 p.m. (Biblioteca Gabriela Mistral del Centro Hispanoamericano de Cultura) (Gabriela Mistral Library of the HACC).


Prado y San José. Gran Teatro de La Habana. Old Havana

16 personajes que maravillan y… Miguel de Cervantes (16 amazing characters and… Miguel de Cervantes). Exhibition to pay tribute to one of the greatest writers of Spanish Literature on the IV centennial of his death in 2016. This didactic sample visualizes Cervantes’ literary creation through his characters and introduces us into the fiction world of the writer.
In the exhibition, the characters of his books gradually introduce themselves through 9 book-modules using images and words; they are the ones that will trace the story of Cervantes work, his literary creations are the ones that draw the immense figure of Cervantes in history. This accounts for the fact that the main characters of the sample are his own fiction entities; but without ever forgetting him, their creator.
Produced by Spanish Cultural Action (AC/E) and co-organized with the Spanish Embassy in Cuba.
From January 14 to April 30.


Grand Theater of Havana

Zoo-ciedad (Zoo-ciety). Lázaro Navarrete, Raúl Castro Camacho (Memo), Nelson Villalobos, José Bedia, Moisés Finalé, Santiago Rodríguez Olazábal, Tomás Esson.
Opening Day: March 1st, 5:00 pm


Oficina del Historiador de la Ciudad (Office of the City Historian)
Plaza de Armas (Old Square). Old Havana.

1969. Collective Exhibition of posters produced in the year after which the sample is named. Beginning January 12.


1ra A y 42. Miramar. Playa. (La Copa)
Enigmas. Personal Exhibition of the artist Diosdado Moreno.
Opening Day: January 19, 5:00 pm.


26 esq. 11. Vedado
Phone Nr: (+53) 7 838 2260 Hours: Thursdays through Sundays 8:00 p.m. – 3:00 a.m.

Deja vu. Photographic Exhibition of Jorge Bonet. The analogical photographs taken in several countries show, from a personal perspective, the unusual and the implausible captured by the lens of the artist.
From January 18 to February 3rd, (On the Black Wall)


Palacio de Prado esq. Trocadero. Old Havana
Phone Nr: (+530 7 864 2410

Hommage. Collective exhibition to mark the bicentennial of the San Alejandro Arts Academy in Havana. The sample is integrated by works of Lancelot Alonso, Maikel Sotomayor, Naidel Herrera, Michel Chailloux, Sulian Linares and Enrico Daniel, all of them former students of the San Alejandro Arts Academy under the leadership of the artist Rocío García.
From January 17 to mid February.


Avenida 31 y Calle 100. Marianao

Estación grafos (Graphos Station). Collective sample to mark the 200th anniversary of the first institution in Hispanic America dedicated to the teaching of fine arts. Curatorial work by Isabel M. Pérez.
Up to February 12.


San Isidro # 214 e/ Picota y Compostela. Old Havana
Phone Nr: (+53) 7 864 6713

Atalaya (Watchtower) : Collective sample bringing together the work of various generations of artists representing Cuban contemporary art among which, names such as Flavio Garciandia, Eduardo Ponjuán and Juan Carlos Alom stand out. The sample includes videos, installations, photography, painting, sculpture. Curatorial work by Sandra Sosa.
The sample will be showing until January.


Calle 21 # 303-307 entre H e I. Vedado
Phone Nr: (+53) 7 832 6332 (Estudio) | (+53) 7 842 7100 (Embajada)
Facebook: @EstudioFigueroaVives|@EmbajadaNoruega

La noche redimida (The redeemed night). (…) This is a very brief and yet fragmented remembrance of the visual diversity of a night in Cuba – Havana in particular – from the late 1950s to the present in which we avail of photography and cinematography – documentary or fiction – which speaks highly of it in very diverse ways. (Abstract from the calalog`s words).
The sample includes works by Constantino Arias, José A. Figueroa, Luis M. Fernández (Pirole), Juan Carlos Alom, Arien Chang, Leandro Feal, Damián Saínz-Roger Gutiérrez, HAPE (selection of that period films and magazines)
Will be showing until the month of March.


Rayo # 108 e/ Zanja y Dragones. Barrio Chino (Chinatown). Centro Habana
Hours: Everyday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Personal sample of Chinese artist and resident in Italy Chen Zhen.
The sample will be showing until February.


H esq. 15 # 313. Apto. 3. Vedado
Phone Nr: (+53) 7 835 6019

Enanitos verdes (Green Dwarfs). Exhibition by Miguel Alejandro Machado.
The exhibition will be open all over January

16 mm. Fotografía en movimiento ( 16 mm. Photography in motion). Collective audiovisual project. Curated by Juan Carlos Alom and Víctor Raggi.
Beginning in mid-February and will remain for the whole month of March.


Aguiar # 74 B e/ Peña pobre y Cuarteles. Old Havana.

En Dior confiamos (In Dior We Trust). Personal Exhibition by Ernesto Javier Fernández
The exhibition will be showing all through January.
Todo jardín es luna (Every garden is moon). Personal exhibition by young artist Greta Reyna in which she shows an excellent display of drawing and painting by using several supports and varieties of formats.
Starting on February 2nd and will remain during the month of March.


Calle Espada e/ San Lázaro y Humbolt. Centro Habana

Open Source. Collective sample with the participation of the artists: Greta and Gabriela Reyna, Elio Jesús, Javier Bobadilla, Eileen Almenares, Dany del Pino, Yuri Obregón, Gerson Velazco, Jan Lázaro, José Ernesto Alonso and Marcos Gómez.
Starts on December 28. Will be showing all of January.


Calle Marta Abreu No. 202 e/ 20 de Mayo y Enrique Villuendas. Cerro
Phone Nr: (+53) 7879 1818

Upcoming Exhibition. Second National Exhibition of Art Brut Project Cuba
Opening Day: January 12, 7:00 pm.


Esq. Benjumeda y Nueva del Pilar No. 51. Centro Habana

Git. Exhibition of artists Uri Bleier and José Capaz. Curatorial work by Lesly Fonseca and Carlos Jaime.




Salon of Caricature. Salon where artists’ participation is by invitation.(Provincial Gallery)

Roberto Diago Provincial Salon. Event that invites participation of all the manifestations of the visual arts.
From March 15 to 22, (Provincial Gallery)


Exhibition to pay honor to Belkis Ayón. Pieces by the artist will be displayed as well as a collective sample as part of the Engraving (Colagraphy) competition.
Date: March 8, (Eduardo Abela Art Gallery)


Provincial Art Salon Arístides Fernández.
Opening Day: January 28, 5:00 pm. (Arístides Fernández Gallery. Güines)

National Meeting on Performance and Interventions “Puente Sur” (Southern Bridge”). .
Free choice of subjects for participants in the XVIII edition in coordination with the AHS (Hermanos Saiz Association). It is characterized by interventions in public spaces with a large popular participation and interaction with the diverse audiences, the subject this time being the subjective nature of human relations, the public and material spaces for artistic action. This will be from March 1st to 4th . Talks and magazine presentations will be part of the theoretical program.
Date: From March 1st to 4th (San Jose de las Lajas)


SALÓN TERRITORIAL DE ARTE POPULAR. (POPULAR ART TERRITORIAL SALON. Event with a long history which brings together the popular tradition of the former / ancient province of Las Villas. From March 13 to 14. (Provincial Gallery)


Provincial Salon of Easel Painting. A Salon that attempts to rescue and promote the Sancti Spiritus painting tradition, through the exhibition and promotion of pieces in which the academic techniques play a fundamental role. The first edition of this Salon was dedicated to the 500th Anniversary of the Holy Spirit Village in 2014.

Exquisitez femenil (Female-marked Exquisiteness). A project by Yudit Vidal Faife together with renowned craftspeople – artists from Trinidad. Pieces of exquisite details where lingerie and the paintbrush mix up . (…) it turns daring as far as gender equality and feminism in art issues is concerned and above all when seen from the perspective of the nuances that a tradition such as lingerie in Trinidad has to contribute. The pieces decry the irony and the paradox that a manual tradition bestowed on the housewife, the miss, be the one to be redefined in the most public space that pictorial art knows of: the galleries. In this series, Yudit Vidal Faife goes to installation, sculpture and the deconstruction of terms – used in the titles- that have served the purpose of subjugating women to standards and stereotypes. This is a proof that being delicate, beautiful and traditional will not stop them from being transgressor, daring and feminine. (Words from the catalog written by Karen Reyes Arostica).
Starting on January 17. (Benito Ortiz Borrell Art Gallery, Trinidad)

PIXELART. Event dedicated to the digital art that is produced in the province. The meeting consists of a theoretical session and an exhibition contest where printed pieces, audiovisuals and web-page design are included.

Espíritu abstracto (Abstract Spirit). Event dedicated to abstract painting. It brings together creators of the Abstract Spirit Group (Jorge Luis López Álvarez, Luis García Horruitinier, Julio César Cepero and Mario Félix Bernal Echemendía). It counts on a theoretical space and a main exhibition that groups the work of both young and consecrated artists. Beginning in 2012, the Abstract Spirit Group has a Creation Workshop whose work results will be part of a collective exhibition to be held during the next issue of the event.
From March 14 to 16. (Provincial Gallery)


Encuentro de Arte Abstracto (Meeting of Abstract Art). The event will be held for four days. Personal and collective exhibitions, talks and exchange with the artists.
From February 15 to 18. Provincial Gallery, Bayamo.


Event to honor the Caribbean-focused cultural work and thought of researcher Joel James. The meeting features colloquium, book presentations and exhibitions among other cultural activities. Exhibitions will remain during all the month of January. (Casa del Caribe – House of the Caribbean)

Inter-nos. International Meeting of Mural Painting. (Provincial Art Gallery).

Mujeres de mi Santiago (Women from my Santiago). Presentation of works by creator women from Santiago in commemoration of International Women’s Day.
Opening Day: 2 de March, 5.00 pm. (Taller Cultural. Vista Alegre)


Inauguration of the first rural gallery of Cuba in the month of February in the venue of the Teatro de los Elementos Group, in Cumanayagua. The Molino Rojo Studio-Gallery is a cultural community project run by Nelson Dominguez, Visual Arts 2009 Award winner and Jose Oriol, Director of Teatro Los Elementos group.