Confessions by Rocío García

Corina Matamoros

According to the interviewer, Corina Matamoros, as a result of the comradship that unites her to Rocío García, the conversation presented in this volume took place spontaneously and with lack of inhibition in an atmosphere that enabled the artist to expose her life, as we popularly say, “as an open book”. Hence its title: Confesiones de Rocío García (Confessions by Rocío García).

Following a chronology, the book maintains the reader’s interest with all kinds of anecdotes: earnest, melancholic, funny, confidential. Reviews of a life history that tell of the most relevant events marking the artist’s career: her education in San Alejandro (Havana) and at Répin Academy (Saint Petersburg), her arrival in Cuba in midst of the artistic revolution of the ‘80s, a context that induced her to reconsider her career and dedicate several years to reviews and self-study, focused on finding a personal art form adjusted to her interests that would enable her to stand out within the Cuban and foreign artistic circles.

The works reproduced in the volume give testimony of the evident success obtained in her career. Her four most recent series are reproduced in full, together with The Mission, her latest work, as well as some sketches made during her permanence in Russia. The works confirm the artist’s vocation for the bi-dimensional format, which she regards as her space of unlimited freedom, the ideal pretext to reflect the entire imaginative flow that floods her artistic production.

The examples of works and the texts supporting them are obliged bibliography to study in depth Rocío García’s production and understand her searches on gender and eroticism as only a part of her wide and plural thematic universe.

Edition and editorial production: Turner, 2016
Editorial project and interview: Corina Matamoros
Edition: Mairely Ramón
Texts: Corina Matamoros, Rufo Caballero, Silvia Llanes, Gilberto Padilla, Norge Espinosa
Design: Laura Llópiz and Pepe Menéndez
Photography: Rocío García, Corina Matamoros, Joanna Montero, Arturo Suárez, Ricardo G. Elías, Alberto José Arcos (El Chino)
Translation: Linda S Howe (preface and interview), Olimpia Sigarroa (post data and fragments of critical texts), David Frye, María Teresa Ortega, Rose Ana Berbeo (fragments of critical texts)
Production: Joanna Montero
Printing: Artes Gráficas de Palermo
Binding: Ramos
ISBN: 978-84-16714-34-6
DL: M-38563-2016
Bilingual (Spanish and English)
168 pp. / Illus.
Cover: Fragment of La nieve (The Snow), 2006
Format: 28.5 x 24.5 cm

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